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viernes, 20 de abril de 2012


The art of Poetry implies writing about your feelings or what sorrounds you through the sound of language, metaphors and using words concisely in broken lines. It is a very difficult task in which poets play with language and show meaning in a less direct way than in prose. This makes it sometimes difficult to follow. 
We have worked with several poems in class and we have analyzed them taking into account language, adjetives used, intonation, rhetorical devices, rhymes and rhythm. I hope you have enjoyed it and now I ´d like to see if there´s a poet´s soul in every one of you!!!. 
Choose 2 of the poems we have read and record them in the voicethread explaining first why you have chosen them. Then try  performing  them. To do this correctly, you need to understand the poem and what the poet was trying to tell us. Once this is clear you can start with the recording using your voice in the right way.
Show passion when necessary, irony, sorrow, joy. Stop and make pauses when necessary too. Silence is as important as words so take all this into account and have a go and feel like a real poet for one day!!!!

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BE dijo...

Javi you´ve been the first one. Well done.
You should have given more details about the poems though and explain why you like them with examples and with you own ideas. The performance is ok although sometimes you have to be more careful with pronunciation and rhythm. The pronunciation of past tenses is not very clear sometimes.

Daniel Díez :) dijo...

Hello, I am Daniel Díez and I have a question about these exercise. I don't have a microphone so I have do it in my mobile phone, but now I don't know what I have to do to pass it to the blog so that you can here it, can you help me, please ?

BE dijo...

hi daniel, can you send me what you have done to my mail? You can send it directly from your mobile phone to my mail with bluetooth or maybe if you have problems you can download your exercise from you phone to your computer and then send it to me. My mail is in my profile, have you found it?

Daniel Díez :) dijo...

Ok, I'll try to do that.