"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, AND that has made all the difference" The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

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WELCOME!!! This is a bit of a challenge for me!!! This blog is intended for all audiences. I hope you enjoy and get the most of it!!!

Here you might find resources to help you navigate the muddy waters of English. The humble aim of this blog is just to keep you in touch with different types of English and different aspects of the English culture , to increase your curiosity about English through many different fields.

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jueves, 7 de enero de 2010


We are going to work with this movie about drug dealers in trains in Russia and how a naive American couple gets involved with it during their trip abroad.

Before getting into the movie, lets´s work with stereotypes.
1. What´s your idea about Russians? Do you think the film is going to portray a good image of them?
2. What stereotypes about different cultures are you familiar with? Check on the net and we will discuss in class about it.
Before watching the film we´ll do a pair work trying to answer these questions.
1. have you ever travelled by ship, plane, train? What´s your favourite? Why?
2. have you ever travelled abroad? What can go wrong when you go to a foreign country?
3. is it important to know the culture of the country you are travelling to? Why? Why not?
4. do you konw anything about the Russian culture? how do you imagine your journey there?


After watching the segment work in groups and have a look at the following questions to discuss about them in class.
1. What is unexpected for the American couple in the short period of their trip?
2. What do you think the Russian worker told them about the toilets?
3. What about the image of Russians? Does it coincide with your guesses?
4. Do you think Russians are like that? or Is it just a caricature?
5. Do you think the couple should take care and be catious? Do you think they will reach their destination? What should they do?
Think about at least 5 precautions they should take.


Here you´ve got the Obama´s christmas speech and Elizabeth´s( The Queen of England) speech. Listen to them and try to answer the following questions.

1. What´s the main difference between both speeches?

2.What does Obama focus on?

3. What does Elizabeth focus on?

4. Is there any mention of the worldwide economic crisis in any of them?